Make sure your accounts are protected with our FREE insurance coverage!
The National List of Attorneys has arranged insurance protection for you. The Great American Insurance Company, one of the top rated fidelity insurers in the country, insures accounts registered with The National List of Attorneys.

You won’t find better protection anywhere! We are the only law list in the industry that does not share an insurance policy with other companies. Our insurance offers you at least twice the amount of coverage as any other list.

What Does the Protection Cost and How Does It Work?
The cost to you is FREE! The National List of Attorneys provides this complimentary protection for all accounts placed with U.S. and Canadian Attorney Members.

The insurance protects you from specific unlawful activities of attorney members. For Terms & Conditions of the Insurance, click here.

When Can I Insure an Account?
Notify NL within 35 days of placing each account with an NL Attorney Member.


What Information Do I Need to Insure an Account?

  1. The name of the receiving NL law firm and the state
  2. Your File # or reference name
  3. The dollar amount of the account
  4. The date the account was forwarded to the attorney


How Do I Insure Accounts?
Choose ONE of these options:

  1. Online
         - The easiest way to insure an account is to submit the account to your NL attorney member through the NL website. When you click ‘Submit,’ your account will be automatically  insured . Start Now
         - If you have already submitted your account(s) to an NL attorney member, you may insure them directly from the website. Insure an Existing Account
  2. YGC  (YouveGotClaims) Users – When submitting your accounts, enter "NL" in the record 99 field, and they will automatically be insured by NL.
  3. Email a Spreadsheet — Email a spreadsheet/document of your accounts to be insured to NL at
  4. Fax a Copy of your Forwarding Letter to 701.223.5634 (no cover sheet necessary). State in your letter that the attorney was chosen from NL attorney members, or simply put “cc: NL” at the bottom.
  5. Mail a Printout — Send us a printout of your accounts showing the attorneys who received them. This may be done on a monthly basis. (Same address as below.)
  6. Mail Coupons — Fill out the yellow insurance forms in the front of the directory. Attach the right half to the “Attorneys Forwarding Letter” and send the left half to: The National List of Attorneys, 925 Basin Avenue, Ste. 2, Bismarck, ND 58504.