NL Advocate Guarantee

The National List of Attorneys (The NL) guarantees NL Advocate attorney members with statewide coverage will earn more than enough revenue from placed claims to cover the price of annual membership, or renewal is free.
Specifically, The NL guarantees that the annual revenue forecast for attorney members with statewide coverage* (caclucated by total face value of placed claims registered by forwarders in the previous 12 months, multiplied by actual contingency rates of each placement, and multiplied again at a conservatively estimated 10% liquidation rate over time) will exceed the price of annual membership.

For example, if an attorney member receives $1,000,000 in claim value (total amount due) placed through The NL in the last 12 months, each at a 20% contingency rate, a 10% liquidation rate over time would result in a $20,000 total annual revenue forecast from those claims. If that annual revenue forecast was less than the renewal fee for the attorney member's statewide membership, the NL will renew the next year's membership for free.
On average, placements through The NL in a 12-month period generate a revenue forecast more than eight times the annual cost of NL Advocate membership, or an 8:1 Return on Investment (ROI). This is consistent with an industry standard 12.5% average Cost of Sales or Cost of Revenue.
How we make it happen
How can The NL confidently make this guarantee? The NL limits access to the "walled garden" of its NL Marketplace for legal claims. This allows our designated account managers and business development team to focus on pitching only selected attorneys to the global network of forwarding clients we support. Much more than just passive "exposure" ads or a simple referral listing, The NL applies our proprietary technology and $60 billion database in tracked claims to proactively match attorneys and forwarders for the best financial outcomes. We focus on the results that matter to you.
*The NL Advocate guarantee only applies to attorney memberships with coverage for statewide jurisdictions. Forwarding business clients generally prefer to work with firms that will consider placements across multiple counties. This market demand puts firms with county-only memberships at a competitive disadvantage, so The NL is only able to extend this NL Advocate Guarantee to attorneys with statewide memberships.
To obtain a custom quote for your firm, contact our Business Development Department at 800-227-1675, or complete the form below.
*Guarantee only applies to full and active NL Advocate memberships executed on or after 7/1/2018; does not apply to exclusive listings (NL Direct), accounts not in good standing, or firms requesting a hold on placements during the membership period.