Send Account(s)

When you forward an account to a National List (NL) attorney member, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Our personal service, including facilitating communication between client and attorney, in the event you ever have a problem.
  • Insurance protection against theft of funds. Accounts are automatically insured up to $2 million, when registered within 35 days of placement. For Terms & Conditions of the insurance, Click Here.
  • Acknowledgment – the law firm will know the account is registered with NL, and they will want to provide you with high quality service.
  • Access to detailed law firm profiles that keep you up-to-date on the attorneys who are working for you.
  • Notification of any changes to the membership of the law firm(s) you have registered accounts with.

When you submit an account directly from our site, it is automatically registered with NL. Click here to see the benefits of insuring your accounts. Attachments can be included with your accounts; they are not viewed by NL.