Our Company

Market Intelligence for Legal Claims

Through the years, The National List of Attorneys (The NL) has led the creditors' rights industry in pioneering the use of emerging technologies for the benefit of attorneys and organizations with legal claims. Today, as a financial technology (fintech) company serving the need for litigation in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) and insurance subrogation fields, we offer the world's leading business-to-business (B2B) marketplace for legal claims. We deliver unique performance data and strategies that statistically empower businesses and law firms to connect and recover more revenue from unpaid debts, past-due invoices, and subrogation insurance matters.

Why The National List of Attorneys?

The NL Marketplace

More than simply a directory, The NL goes far beyond providing legal referrals to attorneys with creditors' rights practices. The NL offers an exclusive marketplace, a "walled garden" in the Cloud. With proprietary technology, secure data, and limited access, The NL connects clients and works with them to improve financial outcomes from legal claims. Backed by our established reputation as the trusted third-party in the litigation process, we ensure transactions in the NL Marketplace are conducted within professional, reliable standards, enabling our clients to more efficiently, effectively and confidently do business together.


Global Network

In the more than 100 years since its establishment in 1900, The NL has cultivated relationships with the world's leading attorneys concentrating in collections, creditors' rights, and subrogation, and with the businesses that require litigation to recover funds anywhere in the world. Our claim-forwarding clients include first-party lenders and creditors, third-party collection agencies, debt purchasers, factoring companies, accounts receivable management (ARM) providers, insurers with subrogation matters, and other organizations that need the help of litigation to recover funds. Our attorney clients include firms with regional practice areas in consumer debt, commercial collections, subrogation, bankruptcy, transportation, insurance defense, and more. We don't simply post listings for anyone willing to pay. Every law firm in the NL Marketplace is regularly vetted for compliance with stringent quality criteria, and The NL provides a complimentary insurance policy to cover all claims appropriately registered and placed across our network.


Market Intelligence

Every forwarder and attorney client of The NL is assigned an account manager who acts as an outsourced ambassador, analyst, strategist, and business consultant. As experienced professionals, The NL's account managers leverage objective market data to benefit our clients. Performance data for more than $50 Billion in claims has been aggregated by The NL, resulting in statistically significant, summary-level, industry-wide benchmarks and standards that exceed what may be visible to any single client through their own data. While maintaining the security and privacy of information about individual claims, account managers analyze these roll-up metrics with proprietary algorithms and provide clients with data-driven insights, recommendations and growth strategies.  


What We're Not

The NL is not a law firm. We include attorneys among our clients, but we do not directly provide legal counsel or advice.

The NL is not a legal referral service for consumer clients. The products we offer and the attorneys in our network are specifically selected for the legal needs of businesses. 

The NL is not a collection agency or debt collector. We include collection agencies and creditors' rights attorneys among our clients, but our staff does not attempt to collect debts.

The NL is not an insurer. We include insurance providers and subrogation agencies among our clients, but we are not typically subrogees or subrogors directly.

The NL is not a consumer database. We track data about the performance of legal claims and report on aggregated summary, market-level trends and benchmarks, but we do not track personally identifiable information about individual consumers.  

Our Goal

To apply the benefits of emerging technology, aggregation and economy of scale towards helping attorney and forwarder clients maximize profitability from litigating credit, collection, and subrogation recovery matters.