NL Professional™

Market Intelligence for Legal Claims

Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) organizations, like debt buyers, third-party collection agencies, lenders, servicers, legal networks and other financial recovery organizations who forward past-due debt to attorneys for legal collection can improve financial results with the help of NL Professional. This free legal referral product is offered exclusively by The National List® of Attorneys (The NL) to help liquidate legal claims more easily, quickly, and profitably.

When you have need for legal support or outside counsel in practice areas such as consumer debt, commercial collections, creditors' rights, transportation, and more, you’ll benefit from using NL Professional. More than a simple directory of firm names and contact information, NL Professional applies 21st century technology in outsourcing your litigation portfolio to attorneys statistically selected for the best chance of success. You won’t have to pay by the hour or put down a retainer for the services of an attorney picked at-random, or hope the subjective “friend of a friend” comes through. NL Professional applies the benefits of the NL Marketplace™, our seasoned portfolio of firms that can reach around the world, and our experienced staff for maximum results with no up-front attorney fees.

The NL Marketplace is an exclusive “walled garden,” a combination of proprietary technology, secure claims data, and experienced service only accessible to approved clients of The NL.  It is an online, in-the-Cloud hub that conveniently and accurately connects NL Professional forwarders with attorneys, using any web-enabled device. Attorney introductions, placements and status reporting of forwarded legal claims are all centralized and standardized to be efficient and predictable. By combining claim placement and performance data from multiple forwarders, the NL’s proprietary algorithms roll up a vast database of more than $50 billion in claims, giving us unparalleled visibility into industry trends and performance benchmarks for litigated claims across multiple market verticals. NL Professional puts those objective, data-driven insights to work for you, providing a competitive edge.

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Backed by The NL, the world’s leading network of collections, creditors’ rights, and subrogation attorneys ensures placement that expedites recovery of your legal claims. Since 1900, The NL has developed longstanding relationships with a network of pre-vetted attorneys that can collect anywhere around the globe. Litigation portfolios of any size can be matched with the optimal attorneys who practice in the type of legal claims you forward. The NL stands behind the attorneys in our network by insuring claims when registered appropriately with The NL. And NL attorneys work on contingency, for a percentage of the amount they recover for you. They don’t get paid until you do.

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Experienced service delivered by The NL’s expert staff makes NL Professional easy to use. We handle the number-crunching and simply deliver results. The largest forwarding organizations have analysts managing their legal placement metrics. With NL Professional, you do too. We’re here to support you with step-by-step assistance in placing and recovering your legal claims. You can register and insure your claims through:

  • Web-based claim registration
  • Data transfer software applications
  • Email
  • Batch-files, like Excel spreadsheets

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Don’t wait. Start using NL Professional today. With the help of The NL’s proprietary technology, qualified pay-for-performance attorney network, and friendly, experienced staff, you can professionally and cost-effectively track and collect more of your forwarded claims.

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NL Professional forwarders who desire additional services--including account management, market intelligence strategies, and compliance support for their legal function—are eligible to upgrade to NL Enterprise at no charge by registering more than $100,000 in claims per month.