Location: In the Cloud

With an established reputation of leading the way in adopting new technology to improve our industry, The National List of Attorneys (The NL), operates in an entirely Cloud-based office environment. All our work for you is performed continuously and securely through software and services that are online and on demand.


Anywhere, Anytime

Operating in the Cloud allows The NL team to work from anywhere we have an internet connection. We are able to recruit talent from across the country (like California, Texas, and the Midwest), and seamlessly integrate them to better serve our clients. This geographically distributed remote-work staff is our normal business-as-usual routine, and helps ensure there is no interruption in our ability to support you, even when localized disasters occur or social distancing is required.



Additionally, by integrating third-party Cloud technologies from best-in-class providers like Salesforce and Egnyte, The NL accesses a network availability infrastructure and data-security resources far beyond the means of any small business on its own. Our claims database doesn’t live on a server in somebody’s garage next to the water heater—it’s backed up with multiple redundancies on secure data centers around the world.


  • NationalList.com: This website allows us to serve our clients quickly and easily 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Find an attorney, place a claim, or update your profile, all online. Away from your desk? No worries, our website dynamically self-adjusts to be usable from your mobile phone or tablet.


  • Salesforce: We use the world’s most-trusted CRM provider to house our database of clients and claims. Salesforce has been recognized by Forbes as one of the most innovative companies in the world, and by Forbes as one of the world’s most admired companies. Not only have we customized the functionality extensively to handle massive claim volume, we get lightning fast reporting to turn claim data into meaningful information, and their exhaustive list of compliance certifications includes standards set by financial, medical, and international industries.


  • Egnyte: Analysts like IDC and Forrester identify Egnyte as one of the best-in-class enterprise file sync-and-share (EFSS) providers on the planet. It allows our team to access and collaborate on the same documents together no matter where they are located. Need a copy of that contract? We can pull it up on our smartphones. By centralizing our shared knowledge and content with each other in the Cloud, each one of our team members has the entire staff in their back pocket, ready to assist our clients.


  • Slack: This corporate instant messaging tool replaces the water cooler in traditional office environments. Across states, time zones, even across different countries when we travel, The NL team constantly keeps in touch with each other so the left hand knows what the right is doing. Unlike email, this buzz ensures every member of the team can have lightning-fast reflexes when their attention is needed by anyone else on the team. It also allows for real-time collaboration, brain storming, and innovation between people who are thousands of miles apart.


  • RingCentral: Our long-standing North Dakota phone number now feeds into a Cloud-based phone system that connects the entire team around the country. Talking to one of us in Texas and need to be transferred to a team member in California? No problem. Geographic distance isn’t a problem for this voice-over-IP solution that ensures The NL’s reputation for friendly, experienced service is consistent and connected in every time zone.


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