Frequently Asked Questions


For Clients (senders/forwarders of business)

Who uses The National List of Attorneys?

Consumer and commercial collection agencies, debt buyers, banks, finance companies, leasing companies, credit unions, insurance companies, corporate counsel, law firms (collection lawyers), and a variety of other companies that are in the business of debt recovery, past-due account collection, and subrogation matters all benefit from the services of The National List of Attorneys.

How much does it cost to use The National List?

As a sender of business or forwarder of accounts, The National List works for you for FREE.  A staff member works with you to match your specific requirements regarding your accounts receivable issues to a National List member firm with experience in the type of collections your office needs.

How can The National List offer our services to you for FREE?

The National List of Attorneys is a membership program for law firms.  Law firms pay a contractual fee based on their geographical area of service coverage. Our attorney recommendations are pre-vetted and performance-based.

How does The National List work?

Think of The National List as a matchmaking service. You tell us what you are looking for, and we work hard to find the “perfect match” to a National List attorney member. Once our team understands your requirements, we pre-qualify the NL member firm to ensure we have a good match, prior to your office sending the business to the firm. We want to ensure that our clients are introduced to firms that meet their minimum qualifications, so we stay involved with our firms and are up-to-date on any changes to their their systems, processes, and compliance standards.

How do you screen your attorneys for membership?

Prior to being accepted as NL members, each law firm is vetted. We do business credit checks, confirm bar status, request references, and require malpractice insurance.  After joining The National List, we continue to monitor our attorney members to ensure they continue to meet our membership requirements.

Is there a minimum balance on the debt placed with your members?

There is no minimum debt required to utilize our FREE services in the process of qualifying firms to work with you. However, depending on the firm, they may have a minimum balance they accept in their office. The various type of debt may also have varying minimum claims amounts. For example, commercial debt claims  typically have a higher minimum than consumer accounts. We work with many creditors that send consumer debt, such as credit card balances, that can be as low as $500. We always recommend reviewing the enhanced NL member profile prior to sending placements to a law firm to see if the firm has a minimum balance requirement for the specific type of debt you are placing.

Is there a minimum number of accounts we must refer?

No - there is no minimum requirement.

What is this FREE insurance coverage?

The National List of Attorneys offers insurance protection for you from one of the top-rated fidelity insurers in the country, The Great American Insurance Company.  Our protection is FREE to you for all accounts placed with U.S. and Canadian Attorney Members. The insurance will protect you from specific unlawful activities of attorney members. For more details about Claim Insurance, click here.

How do I take advantage of the insurance coverage?

To activate the insurance coverage, you must notify our office of a placement with an NL member firm within 35 days of sending the file to the attorney. The fastest and most efficient way to activate the insurance coverage is through the MY NL Portal on our website,  By registering for a free user account on our website, you can simultaneously send a placement to a National List member and insure claims with National List at the same time. Our easy-to-use, secure website portal assists in tracking your placement through the acknowledgment process, and allows you to safely and securely upload your accompanying documentation into the portal for immediate access by the law firm. To see alternate ways to activate the insurance coverage, click here.

Who do I contact to get more information about The National List?

Contact our office at or call (800) 227-1675 to find out about all the services The National List has to offer and how we can benefit you.