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Do you have financial matters that need an attorney? From commercial debt collections, to subrogation, to bankruptcy, to consumer debt collections, transportation, and more, The National List® of Attorneys (The NL) has the Pay-for-Performance legal network to litigate your claims on contingency, in every jurisdiction across North America.

But don't settle for just a legal referral. We're more than just a simple legal directory; every one of the attorneys in our network is Backed by The NL.

This means clients who register their legal claims through The NL receive additional premium client services and support at no extra charge. We offer free claim insurance, a live U.S.-based help desk, communications assistance, trusted third-party facilitation, and even strategic consulting for forwarding clients with larger litigation portfolios. It's like having extra staff on your side at no charge. Whether you place one claim or a thousand, The NL and our pre-vetted premier attorney network are here for you.

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