Frequently Asked Questions

For Attorneys (NL Members/receivers of business)

Do I have to accept all placements over The National List?

No, you are not obligated to accept a file(s) just because you are a member of The National List.  

Can I show a minimum dollar amount?

Yes.  A reasonable minimum claim is $1500.  We recommend that if you show a minimum claim amount, that you do not set it too high to eliminate yourself for new business opportunities.  Remember, the final decision to accept the file is always yours.  

How do you recommend a firm over another?

Using performance and other attorney/client data, our account managers make informed decisions based on the needs and requirements of the client. Market intelligence also helps us connect the right client to the right lawyer/law firm.  

Why would someone choose me, if they are already using someone in my area?

Our team is constantly prospecting new sources of business nationwide, which allows us the opportunity to recommend a new National List attorney or law firm whenever the need arises.  It is our goal to introduce new clients to you that you have not represented before, generating more work for your office.  

How do your services compare to other legal referral services?

Strengthening forwarder relationships and adding more claims data to our growing $50B database allows us to provide law firms with not only more claims, but business analysis and data-driven strategic consulting from an account manager who uses industry benchmarks and market intelligence to help clients grow their practice. If you would like to learn how to attract more claims from the NL Marketplace, contact your account manager at 800-227-1675 to review the metrics pertinent to your account. Learn more about NL’s Exciting Changes today.

Does your insurance policy cover our office for malpractice?

No, the insurance policy we provide through Great American Insurance is not malpractice insurance. It covers attorney defalcation.

What are the requirements to join The National List of Attorneys? 

Attorneys accepted by The NL now have access to our product, NL Advocate, and to the world's leading B2B Marketplace for legal claims. To begin the application process, click here

The application asks you for specific information regarding your firm’s collection practices and to identify the attorneys in your firm who will be handling collection matters for our clients. We also require a business credit check, or if the firm has been in business less than 5 years, a personal credit check on a partner of the firm.

NL Advocate member pricing is based on the amount of revenue-by-state member attorneys can compete for and an average of about 12.5% of the total market value for all attorneys within that footprint. Because claim volume and possible recovery varies from state to state and by practice specialty, so will your custom membership quote. To learn more about pricing, see NL Advocate.

 After reviewing your application, a representative from The NL will contact you to discuss any outstanding questions. You may also call 800-227-1675 and speak to a representative to get the process started. 

To learn more about becoming a National List attorney member, complete the form below and an NL representative will follow up with more information.