High-quality, competitive, results-focused, contingency-fee law firms who want to increase profitability and grow their practice are the legal clients best served by The National List® of Attorneys (The NL).

Results Are Better Than Referrals

When it was founded in 1900, The NL published one of the first and most prestigious hardcopy directories of legal referrals. Times have changed since then, and today search engines allow anyone with an Internet connection to easily find a firm's web site. But just because potential clients can see your contact information doesn't mean they'll choose you. The NL gives them a reason to do that.

The NL has applied 21st century financial technology (fintech) to establish the NL Marketplace™, an exclusive "walled garden" where a select number of clients gain access to proprietary technology that applies predictive analytics to a secure database of more than $50 billiion in claims. Using this claim-performance data, The NL's experienced account managers match new claims with attorneys for the best financial outcomes. We don't just put your name out there and hope for the best, we focus on bringing revenue to you. Guaranteed.

Attorneys seeking to receive new claims may apply for NL Advocate. Firms seeking only to forward claims and expand their legal network may do so through NL Professional. Firms with high-volume forwarding needs may qualify for NL Enterprise, and firms concentrating in insurance subrogation matters may utilize NL Envoy

Practice Areas and Concentrations

The NL serves attorneys with the following primary practice areas:

  • Bankruptcy

  • Collections, Commercial

  • Collections, Consumer

  • Creditors' Rights

  • Family Law

  • Foreclosures

  • Garnishments

  • Health Care

  • Probate

  • Real Estate

  • Subrogation & Insurance Defense

Additionally, firms may refine the description of the kind of claims they receive with concentrations like Child Support, Construction, Credit Cards, Leasing, Purchased Debt, Replevin, Student Loans, Subrogation and Transportation. 

How to Become a Member

Not every firm qualifies to join The NL. Because our success is measured by driving financial results for our clients, we only recruit, sign and pitch the most qualified, competitive, and highest performing firms. Because of this, our attorney clients are confidently backed by The NL when we approach claim forwarders. If your firm seeks new casework predictively matched to your strengths for optimal financial outcomes, contact our Business Development Department at 800-227-1675, or complete the form below.