Our Company  

Through the years, our members and clients have benefited from significant advances in referrals and communication pioneered by The National List. Today, we offer the most advanced attorney referral service while maintaining the highest levels of friendly, personalized service. With more than 2000 Attorney Member listings worldwide, The National List refers hundreds of billions of dollars in accounts each year.

Why The National List of Attorneys?

The National List goes beyond simple referrals and  takes a personal interest in every client and attorney member. To ensure your needs are being met, we work one-on one with you, while maintaining the highest standards. Our trained team is dedicated to personally assisting you in matching your needs with the right law firm. They will personally ensure that your compliance standards, contingency rate, location, policy and procedures are understood and accepted prior to introducing you to the law firm they’ve qualified. They will introduce you to the firm they recommend; and should there be a breakdown in communication down the road, they will personally assist you by providing customer service that opens up the lines of communication, so you can spend your time elsewhere.  

Our Goal

To assist companies in finding quality legal representation for their credit, collection, and subrogation recovery matters; provide professional service; and protect the interests of our clients.