Our Mission

The mission of The National List of Attorneys (The NL) is simple:

To help people get paid what they're fairly owed by connecting and supporting high-performance contingency-fee law firms with the business clients that need them to monetize legal claims.


Our Vision

We want the world to be a more fair and equitable place, with economic justice for all. Since our founding in 1900 we maintain the old-fashioned beliefs that agreements should be kept, that financial responsibilities should be owned up to, and that success arises from collaboration rather than exploitation.  And while honest people can have honest disagreements, we believe in due legal process to settle such matters professionally, respectfully, rationally, and conclusively.


Our Values

  • PEOPLE: We work enthusiastically to make life better for real people through both our process and results, treating ourselves and everyone we encounter with fairness, agency, and respect.

  • INNOVATION: We are passionately curious and creative about new ideas, asking questions and taking calculated risks, learning from our failures until we succeed.

  • FACTS: We drill down to understand the facts of a matter, and make decisions based on merit demonstrated by objective, measurable data.
  • IMPROVEMENT: We don’t settle for mediocrity or yesterday’s accomplishments. We’re relentless in developing and executing strategies to do our job better, faster, and cheaper.
  • ETHICS: We hold ourselves and each other accountable for conducting our work, our words, and our lives with honesty, fairness, congruence, and integrity.


How You Can Help

Do you believe in what we're doing? There are several ways people can help. It all depends on who you are: