The National List of Attorneys (The NL) sets the bar in FREE services provided to businesses who need to find an attorney specializing in collection or subrogation issues. Clients who forward claims through The NL to our collection and subrogration law firms have access to resources and added value that no one else within the industry offers. Since 1900, The NL has built its services and alliances on experience, industry knowledge, credibility and advances in technology. The following are complimentary services provided by The National List:

Recommendation & Validation: To ensure there is no misunderstanding regarding your industry work standards, account placement volumes, technology needs, security requirements, and fee expectations, NL attorney referrals are carefully selected according to performance data and your stipulations. We have personal and data-based knowledge of both our law firm members and our clients, enabling us to provide each with quality recommendations.  Get a referral now.

Insurance: At no cost to our clients, NL insures accounts registered for collection through a NL law firm member. Our FREE insurance program protects you against specific unlawful activities of Attorney Members. See our Insurance Terms & Conditions or download a Certificate of Insurance (PDF).

Mediation Service:  If communication problems occur between you and an attorney that you placed claims with, your firm has an advocate in its corner. Your account manager can help to restore a profitable business relationship and get the successful recovery of claims moving forward again.

Compliance Program:  Those who participate in our Compliance Program receive a more detailed law firm report and profile that includes information on security and technology, credit reports, suit alerts, insurance documentation and many other benefits that protect their best interests.

To learn more about NL services, contact our business development team at or call (800) 227-1675.