When aged accounts receivable, past-due invoices and subrogation insurance matters require experienced legal action, The National List® of Attorneys (The NL) has the right financial technology products and services to support your business in improving claim outcomes.

The foundation and central feature of all The NL's products is the NL Marketplace™, an exclusive "walled garden" only accessible by the variety of clients served by The NL. It combines financial technology with proprietary algorithms for predictive analytics, an industry-wide data set of more than $50 billion in claim performance metrics, and the unparalleled services of our experienced staff. They act as analysts and strategic consultants to ease and enhance the profitability of claim litigation, and to grow your business.

DIRECTORY ADVERTISING is the traditional "law list" service The NL has provided attorneys since 1900. Firms can economically promote their contact information and expand their reach by publishing their listing in our searchable directory website, Directory ads are self-serve, and may be purchased in either monthly or annual installments.

NL ADVANTAGE reduces forwarders' operating costs of legal claims for commercial debt. This financial technology product is a turnkey outsourced solution that supports forwarders with the administration of legal claims on a pay-for-performance basis, uses The NL's proprietary algorithms to match individual claims with the best attorneys.

NL ADVOCATE is a marketing-agency level of service providing qualified law firms with a full suite of legal marketing and client development services. They include proactive promotional outreach; tailored placement of new claims; access to data-driven market intelligence; an account manager who acts as an analyst, strategic consultant and evangelist for the firm; support services for forwarding clients.

NL PROFESSIONAL serves accounts receiveable management (ARM) organizations with small to mid-sized legal forwarding portfolios with legal referrals, the industry's best claim insurance, and live US-based customer service. This product puts The NL's expertise, database and other resources to work developing a reliable contingency-fee litigation network for maximum return on your toughest claims.

NL ENTERPRISE offers high-volume national and global accounts receivable management (ARM) forwarding organizations the premium level of client support, compliments of The NL's attorney membership. When monthly claims registered with NL firms exceed $100,000, you gain access to a designated account executive who provides custom referrals cleared for conflict, and who applies our proprietary algorithms to deliver statistically significant market insights beyond your own database, using data to improve financial outcomes.

NL ENVOY gives insurance companies and subrogation agencies the opportunity to benefit from the NL Marketplace. These benefits include a designated account executive to deliver custom referrals to attorneys with subrogation practices, data-driven analysis to efficiently maximize subrogation claim results.


One of The NL's products is just right for you! For more information to guide your choice, contact The NL at for assistance. We're here to help.

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