NL Envoy™

Market Intelligence for Legal Claims

Insurers, subrogees, and agencies with subrogation rights cases, who are recovering from adverse parties the amounts of loss payments already made to insured parties (subrogors), can use NL Envoy to gain representation from pre-vetted attorneys who concentrate in subrogation matters on a pay-for-performance, contingency-fee basis. Subrogation claims can be turned into recovered amounts faster and more profitably with this data-driven, litigation-management service. It is a free product tailored for the needs of subrogation legal claims, available exclusively from The National List® of Attorneys (The NL).

Use NL Envoy to easily retain and manage the litigation process by choosing from a network of pay-for-performance, contingency-fee attorneys. Using proprietary metrics and algorithms, claims placed with The NL Marketplace are matched with attorneys who concentrates in subrogation cases. You won’t have to pay by the hour or put down a retainer for the services of an attorney picked subjectively from a random list. NL Envoy and the NL Marketplace™ make claim recovery through litigation more profitable and less risky at no extra cost.

The NL Marketplace is an exclusive “walled garden,” a combination of technology, secure information and helpful services only accessible to approved clients of The NL.  It is an online, in-the-cloud hub that allows NL Envoy insurers to connect with pre-vetted subrogation attorneys using any web-enabled device. It centralizes introductions, placements and status reporting of forwarded legal claims. Within our vast database of more than $50 billion in claims, The NL Marketplace records placement and performance data for individual claims across the industry, giving us unparalleled visibility into subrogation claim performance across the industry. Then our proprietary algorithms aggregate and analyze this data to calculate trends and standards by practice area, region, time, cost and results.

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Backed by The NL, the world’s leading network of attorneys with subrogation practices ensures placement that expedites recovery of claims. The NL can refer attorneys experienced with subrogation laws in any state. Since 1900, NL has managed a global network of pre-vetted, pay-for-performance, contingency-fee attorneys for clients like you. And they don’t get paid until you do.

The NL pre-qualifies every attorney in the NL Marketplace and provides complimentary insurance on registered claims. Our Compliance Program gives subrogated insurers peace of mind that their attorney is in compliance with their ethical standards, terms and conditions, insurance requirements and more. You can register and insure your claims via our website, claim data-transfer software, Email or batch-file submission. The result is a risk-free, cost-effective method of recovering subrogated amounts from anywhere.

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Data-driven market intelligence powers objective, results-focused services at no charge to insurers or subrogation claims forwarders. By comparing claim milestones and results to industry and geographic performance standards, The NL’s account managers act as your business consultant, providing objective, strategic guidance that helps insurers get better financial outcomes from their litigation portfolio. The NL’s proprietary algorithms calculate performance analytics and industry data that allows insurers to focus resources on the claims and attorney relationships that are generating the highest volume and profitability.

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Don’t Wait. Start using NL Envoy today. With an experienced subrogation attorney, the unique power of all our services and performance data, and the help of an NL Envoy account manager who provides strategic guidance, the information you need to improve outcomes from your portfolio of subrogation claims is available at your fingertips. Don’t pass up the opportunity to more cost-effectively recover a larger percentage of your subrogation claims.

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Agencies and other forwarding organizations with litigation portfolios that require other practice areas beyond subrogation may qualify for NL Professional or NL Enterprise