Customer Service 

Taking a personal interest in every client, debt collection professional and collection attorney member is what sets The National List (NL) apart from other “attorney referral services.”   

Customized Referrals

We go beyond simple referrals by providing customized referrals, and by working one-on-one with you to make certain your needs are met.  Get your customized attorney recommendation by clicking here.

Information Provider

With each referral, NL will provide you with a law firm profile that includes information such as firm size, areas of practice, geographic coverage area and standard collection procedures. We provide additional information via our Compliance and Mentoring Programs, blog (NL Insider), participation in conferences and prompt response to your requests for information specific to your needs.

Communication Facilitator

The National List takes pride in having a reputable network of debt collection law firms and in working with industry professionals nationwide. Still, our clients and our law firm members are not immune to problems. When unresolved matters do arise, The National List should be your first line of defense in facilitating communication between our clients and our collection attorney members.

We handle disputes with the greatest care. We don’t take sides; we mediate to help achieve a satisfactory result for both parties. We are able to protect the interests of our clients, because we know our strengths in servicing client needs, meeting their requirements and fostering mutually beneficial relationships. We will draw upon the knowledge and skills of our partners, as needed. If you need assistance with a claim registered to one of our collection attorney members, please click here and complete the short form. We will respond immediately. Or you may contact us at 800.227.1675 or email

Our Goals

Our goals are: to assist creditors, collection agencies, debt buyers and other businesses in finding quality legal representation for their debt collection, insurance subrogation and bankruptcy matters; to provide exceptional service by ensuring that our attention to detail and relationship-building skills are of the highest quality; to meet and exceed the expections of our clients and debt collection attorney members by serving as a unique information provider and communication facilitator for the debt collection industry.

Real-Life Testimonial:

In Never Burn a Bridge!, a blog posted on 11/1/12, Beverly Unrath, former Director of Business Development for NL, wrote about receiving an email that concerned her. It was from an attorney member who was going to sue a mutual client for unpaid court costs. She vowed to see what she could do to mediate the situation. She contacted and discussed possible out-of-court solutions with both parties. On 2/14/12, client and collection attorney came to an amicable settlement, based on her advice. As a NL client or collection attorney member, you can expect similar personal attention with your questions and concerns.