What We Do.


Our process begins with finding quality, credit, collection, and subrogation law firms, worldwide.  We vet each law firm and create a detailed firm profile for the purpose of helping professionals identify the strengths of each NL firm.  Our law firm members are dedicated to assisting clients with their recovery, litigation, and their rights as creditors.  We work one-on-one with collection professionals in building a litigation platform to enhance their collections performance. 

Personal qualifying assistance is provided at no charge.  We provide credible, differentiated, strategic attorney introductions and guidance to ensure that the attorney selected is the most experienced and qualified to meet the client’s specific litigation needs.  

Our typical clients consist of creditors, business owners, collection agencies, debt buyers, insurance carriers, and lawyers who need to find an attorney out of their area, generally out-of-state.  Our clients work with us to complement their collections process and enhance or build out a quality litigation platform.    

Within our network of quality vetted attorneys, clients will find solutions to their: B2B and Consumer/Retail collections (credit card, medical, etc.), Bankruptcy, Subrogation (product liability, insured/uninsured, worker’s compensation, etc.), Insurance Defense, Leasing, Purchased Debt, Transportation, Replevins/Repossessions, Landlord/Tenant, Child Support, Probate/Estate, Construction/Mechanic Liens, Foreclosure/Real Estate, FDCPA defense, and General Practice needs.

Connect with one of our team members today at learnmore@nationallist.com, to start expanding, revamping or building out your litigation platform.