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Electronic Data Transfer

Vertican Technologies, Inc. - YGC Solutions
Nicholas Arcaro, SVP Sales

55 Lane Road, Suite 210

Fairfield, New Jersey 07004

(800) 435-7257

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YGC helps creditors and agencies not only exchange information, but analyze information. YGC provides the central data transmission point and standard data format so that agencies only need to write one data interface and only need to make one network connection to obtain and return placement data from their customers. Creditors placing accounts through YGC only need to send/receive one data format over one network connection to be in touch with all their agencies. YGC also provides powerful analytics for understanding what is happening with the accounts on an apples to apples basis. Agencies can use this information to make sure they are in compliance with their service level agreements with their creditors. Creditors can use the information to compare performance across different portfolios, geographies, agencies, collection strategies, etc. Creditors can also use YGC online tools to audit agency performance to ensure agencies are in compliance with their SLAs.