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What is a transportation claim (freight)?  

The definition of a freight claim is:  A legal demand by a shipper or consignee to a carrier for financial reimbursement for a loss or damage of a shipment.  Freight claims are also known as shipping claims, cargo claims, transportation claims or loss and damage claims.  Carriers transport via train, trail, container shipment, aircraft, trucks, freight liners, 18 wheelers, postal transportation, and much more.


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Industry related resources:


Glossary of Shipping Terms (PDF) - U.S. DOT document provided by the Maritime Administration 


Association of Transportation Law Professionals (“ATLP”) 

An independent non-profit organization of transportation professionals. Its purpose is “to equip its members with the necessary tools to be vital resources for their companies, firms, customers and clients who compete in a constantly changing and increasingly global transportation and logistics marketplace.

The International Factoring Association (IFA)

The International Factoring Association’s (IFA) goal is to assist the Factoring community by providing information, training, purchasing power and a resource for the Factoring community.