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The Premier Results-Driven Legal Marketing Network

Contingency-fee attorneys need results from marketing and business development efforts, and NL Advocate delivers. With proactive business development to bring you placements, this unique financial technology product from The National List® of Attorneys (The NL) is much more than a passive "exposure" ad, a legal referral, or a simple directory listing. NL Advocate drives improved financial outcomes for attorneys with contingency-fee practices in commercial collections, consumer and retail debt, subrogation matters, insurance defense, bankruptcy, transportation and more. Attorneys accepted as members of NL Advocate become part of the NL Marketplace.

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The NL Marketplace is an exclusive “walled garden,” a combination of technology, secure information and services where only pre-approved clients of The NL can connect to transact business. The supply and demand of legal claims and the expertise of caefully vetted attorney members drive the measurable success and financial results of those who are admitted.

As an online, in-the-cloud hub, the NL Marketplace conveniently and objectively connects NL Advocate attorneys with claim forwarders, using any web-enabled device. It creates an environment where attorneys can leverage claim-performance metrics to verify past successes and more effectively compete for claims from around the world. Armed with industry insights, competitive benchmarks, strategic consulting and business analysis based on data-driven market intelligence, NL Advocate attorneys get the help they need to grow their practice.

Data-driven Market Intelligence is available to attorneys with access to NL Advocate and the NL Marketplace. Our growing database of more than $50 billion in claims and our superior technology enable The NL to aggregate claim placement and performance-data across the market. The amount and industry-wide scope of our data ensures the statistically significant accuracy of our findings. We are able to provide market analyses about the latest industry trends by practice area, region, time, cost and results. Members have an account manager who analyzes the data and identifies key business opportunities and strategies that help to reduce risk and spend less of their time and resources on claims that have a lower probability of liquidation. 

The World’s Leading Network of forwarders and attorneys in the collections and recovery industry has been managed by The NL since 1900. Our many long-standing relationships have made The NL the world’s largest B2B marketplace for monetizing legal claims on a contingency fee basis. Your NL Advocate account manager will actively pitch your firm to hundreds of first-party creditors, third-party agencies, debt purchasers, forwarding firms and insurance companies with subrogation issues. New forwarders and attorneys are joining every day.

As a complementary service, attorneys with NL Advocate can forward claims outside their region and practice areas to other pre-vetted firms in the NL Marketplace.

Backed by The NL, NL Advocate attorneys consistently meet the work and ethical standards, terms, qualifications, insurance requirements and criteria of the world’s top forwarders, who also receive reports on the progress of all their claims, reducing your reporting burden. The NL insures claims placed with NL Advocate attorneys, assuring forwarders that your firm will be a trusted, high-performance partner. Your account manager promotes your business and also helps ensure ongoing communication between you and businesses that place claims with you.

NL Advocate member pricing is based on the amount of revenue-by-state member attorneys can compete for and an average of about 12.5% of the total market value for all attorneys within that footprint. Because claim volume and possible recovery varies from state to state and by practice specialty, so will your custom membership quote. The NL limits the number of firms with access to its "walled garden" and to a state's claims. Only the highest-performing attorneys and firms are eligible to compete for a state’s business. Once given access, all firms have equal opportunity to compete for placements, but performance metrics help to determine the number they will receive.

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Don’t Wait! Apply for NL Advocate membership today. With access to The NL Marketplace and the strategic insights from our performance data, you can more cost-effectively receive and manage claims matched to your strengths. NL Advocate harnesses the power of our market intelligence for you, helping you to gain a competitive advantage and grow the size and profitability of your practice.

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