Legal Marketing and Key Client Business Development

Law firms with contingency-fee practices and other alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) may be experts at litigation, but profitably marketing a business in the digital age requires a different kind of expertise. Like any business that seeks growth, legal practices must invest in marketing and keeping their key clients satisfied in order to succeed. How is your marketing and business development function structured? What kind of talent and tools do you have engaged to keep you ahead of the competition? Which media channel provides the best ROI for your advertising spend? How do your business development staff maintain forward flow from key clients who demand more? And most importantly, how do you measure the results of all this and justify the cost? At The National List® of Attorneys (The NL) we take care of all the legal marketing and business development needs for our national legal network, freeing you up to do what you do best: practice the law and deliver results to clients.

The Power of Aggregation

The NL is the premier results-driven networking hub for legal claims. Business clients across multiple market segments work with us as a single point of contact to help with litigation portfolios that span the continent, not just in one or two jurisdictions. As a national aggregator we're always talking with clients, and this positions us to promote and support our member law firms so you can focus on what you do best: litigation

The NL operates as a national network of law firms and forwarding clients, a legal referral directory, a concierge-level client support service, and a full-suite marketing and business-development agency. What's more, by aggregating our efforts across The NL's entire legal membership, we can deliver measurable financial outcomes for a fraction of what it would cost each individual firm to set up a similar in-house marketing and business development organization. A full year of membership in your home jurisdiction can cost less than buying a single one-month ad directly from media publishers. But attorney membership in The NL is not available to everyone--our exclusive "walled garden" only has room to promote the best and most competitive growth-oriented firms, and business clients have come to know and expect this quality when working with us. It's a mark of prestige to be backed by The NL.

Results Are Better Than Referrals

The NL has more than a century of legal marketing experience. When we were founded in 1900, The NL published one of the first and most prestigious hardcopy directories of legal referrals. Today, The NL applies 21st-century digital technology to support our dynamic Cloud-based network of attorneys and business clients across a database of $60 billion in legal claims. Our technology objectively measures market size in every jurisdiction, and forecasts attorney revenue generated from placements down to the penny. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering at least an 8-to-1 ROI across our network, which means our network books at least $8 in top-line income from liquidated claims through The NL for every $1 we charge in membership fees (12.5% Cost of Sales). We limit attorney membership in The NL so that only the best have access to this exclusive marketplace of claims.

Tailored to Your Needs

Translating data into meaningful market intelligence for your firm is where The NL's experienced staff come in. We're not here to tell you how to practice law, but we can tell you how your firm benchmarks against competitive industry trends. Where are you strong? Where are competitors eating your lunch? Depending on your need for strategic consulting and promotions, The NL delivers a range of products designed to grow your business and keep clients happy. From traditional "law list" directory advertising to increase exposure, to concierge-level client support that secures forward flow, to full-suite omnichannel marketing analysis, strategy, and execution focused on new business, The NL can match your needs and marketing budget. Which product is right for you? It depends on the priorities of your practice.

  Directory Ads NL
NL Advocate
Summary Traditional Listings Key Client Support New Business Promotion
Marketing Features
•  Searchable Web Listing Check Mark   Check Mark
•  Search Engine Optimized Website Check Mark   Check Mark
•  Network Email Marketing     Check Mark
•  Network Digital Advertising     Check Mark
•  Network Social Media Marketing     Check Mark
•  Network Media & PR     Check Mark
New Business Features
•  Exclusive "Walled Garden" Network     Check Mark
•  Proactive Personal Client Outreach     Check Mark
•  Clear for Confict     Check Mark
•  Claim Quality Assurance Screening     Check Mark
•  Access to NL Advantage™ Claims     Check Mark
Forward Flow Features
•  Online Placements Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
•  Claim Insurance   Check Mark Check Mark
•  Shielded Relationships   Check Mark Check Mark
•  Trusted Third-Party Arbitration   Check Mark Check Mark
•  Forwarder Support Services   Check Mark Check Mark
•  Gauranteed Return On Investment     Check Mark
Strategy & Support Features
•  Live US-based Client Services Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
•  Online Resources Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
•  Assigned Account Executive   Check Mark Check Mark
•  Strategic Account Reviews     Check Mark
•  Market Research & Intelligence     Check Mark
Annual Pricing
(or $25 per month)
per key client
By Jurisdiction
(see rate sheet)


Are you a firm seeking to forward claims outside your jurisdiction? Look into The NL's complimentary services for forwarding organizations: NL Professional for collection claims, and NL Envoy for subrogation matters. 

The NL Is Here To Help

Need more information to decide which product is the best fit for you? Whether you're focused on maxmum growth or cost containment, The NL has a solution designed for your priorities. Call us at 800-227-1675, or enter your information in the form below for an Account Executive to follow up with you.