What We Don't Do


 We don’t display thousands of random directory ads. 

 The NL promotes an exclusive legal network that agregates marketing and client support services for every member. We limit attorney membership in proportion to the claim volume we proactively source in each jurisdiction, so clients don't have to weed through countless cheap ads to find the expertise they need. Apply to join The NL.

 We don’t expect you to randomly search listings with no way to make intelligent selections.

 Use The NL's customizable, easy search options to confidently find the most qualified legal referrals by jurisdiction, practice area, market segment, and more, secure that each attorney we promote is backed by The NL. Need more personalized help? Let our live US-based client support team assist you. Find an attorney.

 We don’t leave you hanging after a legal referral or placement.   

The NL provides clients with ongoing support services even after you find an attorney. Client services include clearing for conflict, unparalleled claim insurance, claim status reports, strategic account reviews, market intelligence, and even outsourced litigation management. Contact client services.

 We don’t leave you behind the technology curve.   

The NL leverages an integrated 21st century tool set to securely operate entirely in the Cloud. Our unique proprietary algorithms process data from more than $60 Billion in legal claims to generate insights, strategies, and best of all connections that are intelligently matched for optimal outcomes. Learn about our technology.

 We don’t practice law.

The NL isn't a law firm. We leave legal counsel and litigation to the licensed attorneys we promote in our network—that's what they do best. What we do best is intelligently connect attorneys and the clients who need their counsel.  See all the products in The NL Marketplace.

 We don’t practice collections.  

The NL isn't a collection agency, factor, or debt purchaser. We do help business clients with the tail end of the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) process when contingency-fee litigation is optimal to monetize first or third-party late-stage unpaid debt. We are a connector and a conduit of information between clients and legal counsel. Learn about the collections practice area.

 We don’t turn away small clients. 

The NL uses web and database technology to scale support for quality clients and attorneys of every size, from global organizations with multi-million dollar claim portfolios to solo practitioners handling one claim at a time, and everything in between.