Frequently Asked Questions

Website functionality and resources.

Do I have to register for a website account?

No, you are not required to create an online account with us to use the basic functionallity of our website, which includes searching for an NL member firm. However, to access additional resources and get the most out of our FREE services, such as to view an enhanced member profiles and to use the MY NL Portal to send and track the acknowledgement of placements to NL attorney members, a user account is required. Click here to create a free user account.

What if I don't know my password? 

Easy - just click here to reset your password.  A pop-up window will be displayed asking you to enter the email address that is registered with us, and then instructions are sent to you via email. If the system does not find the email address associated to a user account, you will get a message saying: "This e-mail address is not in our database." If that happens, you will need to create a user account. You can create a free user account by accessing our Get Started page.

What is the NL Member Profile?

The NL Member Profile is expanded information about the NL member firm that appears only on  A website user account is required to login to and access the enhanced member profile for a law firm.  While the profile is optional for member firms to complete, a majority of our member firms  have completed profiles, because they know how important and valuable the information is to the NL staff when matching clients with NL members for prospective business, as well as to prospective clients reviewing the profiles prior to sending business to law firms.