NL Advantage™

Outsourced litigation management for B2B collections

Clients collecting on past-due accounts receivable (A/R) and judgements  sometimes need the power of legal action to get results, but might hold off because they don't have the time or experienced in-house staff to project manage the legal process. Since delaying litigation can compromise your outcomes, The NL makes it easier for you with NL Advantage, a pay-for-performance outsourced litigation management service for B2B commercial collections. Now you can put experts on the job of handling your legal claims while you get back to your primary business, and you don't pay us a dime until you monetize your claim.

NL Advantage is a turnkey solution for outsourcing the operational project management of the litigation stage of the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) process for commercial* debt collection, without up-front fees, hourly rates, or the labor expense of adding skilled headcount to payroll. First-party creditors, third-party agencies, and debt purchasers alike can augment their in-house litigation management teams, or outsource the function entirely.

What's more, NL Advantage improves your Return On Investment (ROI) by granting access to The NL's exclusive premium international legal network of pre-vetted attorneys, and by utilizing The NL’s proprietary technology that maximizes the chance of monetizing legal claims. All this while eliminating the financial risk of up-front payroll costs and retainer fees. This unique, data-driven product, designed specifically for B2B commercial collections, is available only from The National List of Attorneys (The NL).

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Pay for Performance

While litigation is one of the most effective ways to collect on past-due accounts, allocating payroll budget towards litigation management staff that are fluent in “legalese” can be expensive, and may be outside the core focus of your business. With NL Advantage, we only get paid when you do. Only when your B2B legal claim is collected do we charge a service fee, based on a portion of the recovered amount. This alignment of goals ensures The NL is laser-focused on maximizing your cash receipts from our service. It also eliminates costs you would otherwise pay for allocating your own staff time towards litigating claims that don’t produce, freeing your time and resources up to do what you do best: running your own business.

The Power of Data

NL Advantage engages The NL’s proprietary technology, premier legal network, and deep industry expertise to ensure the greatest chance of monetizing B2B legal claims. With objective performance metrics from our $60 Billion database of legal claims across the U.S. and internationally, we apply unique statistical intelligence to improve legal claim performance, which is why The NL is willing to assume the up-front risk of allocating our own time and resources to operationally manage your claims. We have the insights across a broader data set that give us a better chance of legal claim performance than any individual client can see from their own portfolio.

Even if you have enough in-house staff to handle all your legal claims, it doesn’t make sense to spend more money than you have to on internal resources that may only be able to collect a portion of what they work on. The smart thing to do is augment your team by using NL Advantage to outsource your B2B commercial accounts requiring legal action. Then sit back and let your NL Advantage account executive, backed by data-driven market intelligence, operationally manage the complex litigation process for you, soup to nuts. NL Advantage does it all with no up-front charges. Your ROI is guaranteed.

The NL Marketplace 

The exclusive, premier network of The NL is an online hub that centralizes placement and performance of legal claims around the world. Our database of more than $60 Billion in legal claims—placed, tracked and aggregated across multiple industries, regions, and practice areas—gives us unique visibility into performance statistics, which The NL analyzes with proprietary algorithms to turn into actionable market intelligence. The aggregated volume of these legal claims statistically validates industry standards, trends and benchmarks for claim performance, which The NL applies for our clients’ financial benefit.

Consistent with the The NL’s privacy policy, NL Advantage uses state of the art technology and proprietary algorithms to ensure client data remains secure and confidential at all times. We do not share or reveal information about any claim except with the receiving attorney.

Established in 1900, The NL has decades-long relationships with our international network of pre-vetted attorneys. We are so confident of their compliance with strict professional criteria and requirements that we offer free insurance on claims placed through NL Advantage. Attorney fees are a competitive percentage of recovered funds, so there is normally no charge until attorneys turn claims into cash for your business (if there are court costs, NL Advantage passes these through at no additional charge). Anxiety over cost is eliminated.

Turnkey Product

Using our vast database, The NL calculates metrics regarding legal claims by practice area, jurisdiction, time, cost and results. By comparing data about individual claims to industry and regional benchmarks, your NL Advantage account executive identifies strategies and opportunities to improve your financial results from legal claims for B2B commercial debt collection. Your account executive takes the burden of managing the legal network and litigation process off your plate, providing you with regular, easy-to-understand reporting and timely updates on all claims placed through NL Advantage.

NL Advantage account executives use these analytics, benchmarks and performance standards to identify and select the right attorney for each claim, then closely manage the process to achieve the best financial outcome. Because NL Advantage is a pay-for-performance product, this ensures that our goals are aligned with yours—to recover more money as quickly as possible.

Improve your financial outcomes from past-due accounts. Start using NL Advantage today! Let this turnkey financial technology product harness the power of performance data, the world’s premier attorney network, and our expert service for you. The only decision you have to make is to choose NL Advantage to professionally and cost-effectively outsource, track and collect your B2B commercial claims on a pay-per-performance basis.

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*NL Advantage only services B2B commercial collection claims. For help with other collection matters, see NL Professional. For help with subrogation claims, see NL Envoy. The NL is not a collection agency and does not contact defendants. The NL is not a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law.