Register Claims

When you place a claim for litigation through The National List® of Attorneys (The NL), you enjoy the following benefits:

  • The NL Marketplace: You gain access to an exclusive "walled garden" where proprietary technology, a secure database of more than $50 billion in claims, and the expert service and guidance of our staff all work together to generate the best financial outcomes for you.
  • A Global Network: Reach anywhere in the world with a network of pre-vetted attorneys that concentrate in the practice areas and regions you need.
  • Market Intelligence: The NL will use objective claim performance data and proprietary algorithms to refer attorneys optimally suited to deliver the best financial outcomes for each of your claims.
  • Claim Insurance: Your claims are automatically insured up to $2 million, when registered within 30 days of placement with attorneys backed by The NL.
  • Aggregate Importance: Because The NL represents so many claims from so many different sources, law firms handle all claims registered through The NL with the importance and consideration of the big picture in mind.
  • Change Notification: In the event a selected law firm changes its status in a way that might affect your placed claims, The NL will notify you and proactively assist with replacing the claim with a new qualified attorney.
  • Personal Service: From providing customized attorney introductions, to benchmarking your claims against industry or regional standards, to mediating any possible disputes, our experienced staff are available to help.

When you submit an account directly from our site, it is automatically registered with The NL. Attachments can be included with your accounts; they are not viewed by The NL.

Register a New Claim or Insure a Recently Placed Claim.